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Why Video Is Important For Businesses: Tips On How To Incorporate It Successfully

October 22, 2022

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Content marketing is a relatively new tool. Business doesn't always understand what tasks to set for marketing and what results to expect. Multiply the complexity of content marketing by two when it comes to video.

Despite the ubiquity of video content, few people can make quality content. In addition, not all business owners even understand the importance of visual content. But don't immediately get scared and try to abandon this type of promotion. After all, if it were ineffective, then we wouldn't write this article.

Why Is Video Important For Businesses?

Video content is a fast-growing tool, and it certainly has a lot to offer. In this part of our article, we will consider the pros and cons of video content. Let's go!


Every day, video content is gaining more and more popularity, as the video has quite a few advantages over other types of content. Companies are trying to be in trend and optimize YouTube videos for business in every way. So let's tell you about the main benefits of video marketing:

  • Video content inspires confidence. Thanks to video, the company can address directly to the client through the screen, replacing this personal contact;
  • Videos boost engagement. More than any other type of content, video captures viewers' attention because people use both hearing and vision while watching videos.
  • Video content is ‘flexible’. It's available for large screens, smartphones, and tablets — on every device connected to the Internet.
  • Video content is engaging. If you post a video that later goes viral, it will reach a huge number of users and will attract your target audience.
  • It's easier to perceive. In the 21st century, people prefer to watch films and videos rather than read books and long texts with detailed descriptions.
  • Video improves brand credibility. Video is a way to show the client your company from the inside, talk about internal processes and introduce the team. Videos are also much better perceived by consumers.
  • It accelerates the purchase decision-making process. The video will help show the product from the best side and cause the viewer certain positive emotions that will speed up the buying process.

Of course, there are dozens of reasons for the popularity of video content. It also includes the increasing speed of the Internet connection, which allows you to instantly upload and download high-quality videos. The improvement of video technology is available to everyone now. However, the above are the main ones. Therefore, if you have started developing accounts on various social networks, make sure you use social media properly.


As you have already realized, video can be a beneficial and (in some cases) indispensable marketing tool. But is it worth the effort? Let's now look at the cons of the video content:

It needs investments. At a minimum, you will need applications and equipment for creating and editing videos; at a maximum – the search and hiring of specialists in this field.

Organizational aspects. Planning, finding a creator or editor, or self-learning how to use various editing software takes time and requires investment.

The difficulty of the promotion. There is so much content today that really cool videos sometimes can't get the audience recognition they deserve. Therefore, it's crucial to create high-quality content, be able to promote it, and constantly look for ways to get into the creative zone.

At the same time, video isn't a panacea and a universal solution to all business problems. And don't think that by introducing video content into your standard promotion strategy, you will immediately double your sales.

Video content is the same marketing tool, the effectiveness of which largely depends on the correct use. Therefore, the decision is still yours.

Tips On How To Incorporate Video Content Successfully

How to build a video channel? What content to fill it with, and how do get more clients? Now we will consider how to successfully incorporate video content into your marketing strategy.

1. Set a task

Video — as part of a content marketing strategy — should be in the world of users, not the brand. Thus, the purpose of video content is to bring specific benefits to the viewer: to teach, educate, and explain. Video content should be engaging, useful, and regular, and shouldn't be always viral. 

The main tasks of video content include:

  • Brand awareness and credibility increase
  • Brand recognition
  • Registration and leads
  • Sales

Be sure to build processes so that content is released regularly. You need to retain a user who once believed in you. A content calendar for video marketing will help you save time and increase efficiency in the long term. 

2. Choose the type of video

Any video in content marketing (one way or another) solves one problem — it broadcasts a useful experience and thereby helps to solve a viewer's problem. Using one type of video when promoting a company on the web is the wrong approach. Therefore, you will have to master several genre categories at once – those that marketers have to deal with most often and that attract potential buyers the most.

Among them are the following engaging video content types:

  • Top lists
  • Reviews
  • Interview
  • Video infographic
  • Live streams
  • Tutorials

3. Production

The cost of video production directly depends on the quality of the result. A quality and engaging video doesn't have to be expensive. In most cases, the company will be able to deal with it independently, without involving a contractor. To achieve this, it's enough to have basic skills in using various applications, writing a script, and later editing the final clip. There is no need to purchase expensive software, a simple video editor with no watermarks is enough for you.

The quality of production can be divided into three categories:

Poor video and content quality. You shouldn't constantly publish such content on your social media accounts or YouTube channel. In most cases, this will reduce the credibility of the content, especially if the goal of the video is to bring traffic to the landing page.

Medium quality. The most logical option for those who are taking the first steps and testing their audience, as well as those who don't have a large budget but have a desire to release a lot of content. This is the best and most balanced option. Low-cost video production coupled with small business tips will help you boost your profits. In addition, if your viewers watch your useful content regularly, it's crucial for you and this content to be of appropriate quality.

High quality. This is an option for recognizable brands with high turnover and large budgets. They have enough money to maintain their own video production. It's significant for brands to maintain the highest level of quality in everything. It also makes sense to invest in quality for those who have already built a workable content marketing strategy and are confident that it helps the business. Such companies have already learned how to solve customer problems and in the expediency of the whole undertaking.

Final Words

Whether to incorporate video content into a marketing strategy is entirely up to the business owner. But the advantages speak for themselves, and any disadvantages can be easily coped with. After creating videos and posting them on social media, don't forget to promote them and use online business tools and various analytics applications to help you figure out which way to go. Good luck!

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