The 3 Things You Must Not Put Up With in Any Job -

The 3 Things You Must Not Put Up With in Any Job

January 28, 2023

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We are all on the hunt for the career that suits us like a glove. Many people go to work and put up with a lot, but they shouldn't have to! Sometimes, we think that in order to progress our career we need to put up and shut up, but for those who are venturing into a new job, there are things you should never stand for!

Terrible Line Managers or Bosses

We still hear more about how much discrimination people receive on a daily basis. It should not be part and parcel of any industry, but if you find yourself on the receiving end of some form of discrimination, being bullied, punished, or being talked down to, you need to have a good long chat with HR. 

If you don't feel like you are being supported by your organisation, they may play the trick of trying to make you feel like you're in the wrong. But this is where employment law solicitors and legal specialists will always help you fight your corner. It usually begins with terrible bosses who micromanage, punish, and ignore. They should be supportive every step of the way.

Not Being Paid What You're Worth

We are seeing so many people going on strike for this very reason, and when you think about the NHS workers who are responsible for our lives and have had to endure so much over the last few years, paying most of them what works out as almost less than minimum wage based on the work they have to do is an insult. You should never be underpaid for what you are worth. 

You could look at roles in other industries with similar duties and may find that you are being underpaid chronically. You may think that being underpaid is not just about the financial situation in your workplace, but it could be symptomatic of a culture that holds you back from opportunities to advance or any form of personal development. Look at what you are really worth based on what you do, because it may be worth having a conversation about your pay packet. If it’s something that is pushed under the carpet, you might want to start looking elsewhere.

A Poor Culture

You can look at many articles that tell you how to run a better business, and nine times out of ten the word culture is mentioned throughout. Culture is not just about how an organisation feels, but it's the crucial component that underpins every aspect of how a business functions. The right culture should breed trust and respect. An organisation where there is neither will suffer and you will suffer.There are certain things you need in your career to thrive. If you feel like there are things in your job that you need to put up with, feeling like you cannot speak out is not down to the person, but it's about an ineffective cultural environment. These are things that you should never put up with in any job, and when you find the right organisation, you will not just feel supported, but you will do better work.

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