Stop Buying These Things to Conserve Your Spending -

Stop Buying These Things to Conserve Your Spending

March 30, 2022

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Many people buy things to save money, but in reality, they are just wasting their hard-earned cash. We all know the feeling of going into a store and thinking, “I’m going to get this one thing to help me save a little bit.” Turns out that we end up spending more than what we saved because it turns out that there were other things on our shopping list that we needed too. Here is a list of items you should stop buying to conserve your spending:

1) Stop Buying Candy from Stores

When it comes to spending money, sometimes it’s best to just stop buying things altogether. This is especially true when it comes to small things that don’t really add much value to our lives. Candy is a great example of this. Most people think that they’re saving money by buying candy from a store, but in reality, they’re just spending more on something that doesn’t really benefit them. If you want to save money, try making your own candy at home. You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save by doing this.

2) Don’t Buy Items You’ll Only Wear Once

The best way to save money is by not buying things. This might seem counterintuitive, but new research from Princeton University shows that people who buy stuff wind up spending more. This is because of something called zooming out – people see a lot of items as interchangeable, so they tend to spend more money on particular ones. One of the most common bad purchases that we make is buying clothes or shoes that we’ll only wear once or twice before forgetting about them forever. It’s a good idea to avoid walking into a store and trying to find a “one thing” to buy.

3) Quit Shopping for Deals Online

When you’re comparing prices on different websites, don’t just look at the deal- think about what else is included in that price. You might find that some sites offer free shipping or free returns even if they don’t have a sale going on right now, which could save more money than waiting for a special promotion to come along.

4) Stop Buying Bottled Water

Bottled water is another great example of something that we buy without really thinking about it. It might seem like a good idea to save money by buying bottled water, but in reality, you’re just spending more on something that doesn’t really benefit you. Not only is bottled water expensive, but it’s also bad for the environment. If you want to save money and help the planet, try drinking tap water instead.

5) Stop eating out

Eating out can be a really expensive habit, especially if you do it often. Not only do you have to pay for the food, but you also have to pay for the server’s time. A great way to save money is to stop eating out and start cooking at home. This will not only save you money, but it will also allow you to eat healthier foods.

If cooking at home seems like too much work, then try batch cooking. Batch cooking is when you cook a large amount of food and then store it in the fridge or freezer for later use. This can be a great way to save time and money.

6) Stop using your car for errands, like grocery shopping or picking up the kids from school

Using your car for errands is expensive because cars are expensive to buy, gas is expensive, and parking at the grocery store is expensive. Instead of using your car for errands, you could just hire a ride with Uber or Lyft when you need to get somewhere. Or if your city has busses that go to the grocery store, it’s often even cheaper than taking your car! If you have an electric vehicle or bike, this will make things even cheaper!

7) Cut down on alcohol consumption (or stop drinking altogether!

Alcohol is bad for your health and it can also be detrimental to your wallet. If you’re able to cut down on your drinking, it will save you money.

You’ll also be better off if you stop buying alcohol altogether! There are plenty of other things to spend your time doing instead. You could focus more on personal development, build better relationships with friends and family, or get more involved in your community.

8) Quit smoking 

Smoking is an expensive habit, and it’s also bad for your health. If you can quit smoking, you’ll save a lot of money and you’ll be healthier too. Here are some tips for quitting smoking:

  • Make a plan. Decide when and how you’re going to quit smoking. Choose a date and stick to it.
  • Get support from your friends and family. They can help you stay motivated and on track.
  • Avoid temptations. Don’t go to places where you usually smoke and don’t keep cigarettes in your home or car.
  • Stay busy. When you have something to do, you’re less likely to smoke.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water can help you stay refreshed and it also helps prevent dry mouth.

9) Cut down on the number of times you go out with friends or family members by hosting an event at your house, like a dinner party or game night! 

Hosting a dinner party or game night can be a great idea for those who love to entertain, but also want to save some money. Not only does it keep you from going out as often, but people will be impressed with how low-key the event is. It’ll feel like your house is the hottest place in town! Plus, you can make your own food and drinks, which will save you even more money. Win-win!


These are just a few examples of things that we can stop buying in order to conserve our spending. There are plenty of other things that we could add to this list, but these are a good place to start. By avoiding these bad purchases, you’ll be able to save more money for the things that really matter – like your retirement.

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