Starting A Business As A Technophobe -

Starting A Business As A Technophobe

June 7, 2022

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As a business owner, you need to be moderately tech-savvy in order to take advantage of the best tools out there. Being able to master various software and gadgets could help you to run your business more efficiently. Avoid this tech and you could struggle to compete with other businesses that are using this tech. 

So just how do you overcome technophobia as a business owner? Below are a few tips for starting a business when you’re not good with tech. 

Don’t pretend to be an expert

Being a technophobe is a weakness that’s worth owning up to. Don’t pretend to be an expert to appeal to other tech-savvy people such as potential employees or customers – most of them will see through your lack of expertise. Instead, tell people when something isn’t your area of expertise and make an effort to seek advice from people who are more knowledgeable than you. 

Look for tech solutions that are user-friendly

Some software and gadgets are more user-friendly than others. When investing in new tech, it’s worth reading reviews and taking advantage of free demos where possible. Look out for tech that is praised for being ‘easy to use’ and that you can easily get to grips with via a demo or walkthrough. Too many technophobic business owners make the mistake of investing in flashy complicated tech which they are then too impatient to take the time to master – this may result in such tech being underutilised or neglected entirely. 

Pay someone to do it for you

Need to complete a tech-related task, but feel it’s out of your depth? You can always hire someone else to do it. While there are DIY web design tools out there, you don’t have to rely on these if you don’t feel confident – there are affordable companies out there like WEBX360 that could take care of all your web design and web maintenance needs. The same applies to everything from social media marketing to digital accounting. Of course, you should be careful of splashing out too much money on outsourcing experts – trying a few tasks yourself could save you some money.

Consider taking a course

A simple way to become more tech-savvy is to take a course. There are courses available in all kinds of tech-topics from WordPress design to Facebook marketing. Taking one of these courses could teach you the basics and allow you to handle the task yourself rather than having to pay someone. Obviously, you may still want to hire experts for more elaborate tasks like programming, cybersecurity and SEO. However, when it comes to the basics, there are many cheap courses out there – including in-person and online courses.

Take advantage of free advice online

There’s plenty of free advice online that you can find in the form of blog posts and YouTube videos. There are even free online courses available in various subjects which you can check out here at CIO. Make sure that you’re taking advantage of these if you’re on a tight budget.

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