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Why All Women Should Get a Professional Bra Fitting

July 18, 2022

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Well, I posted a full bikini shot last year, so it was only a matter of time before you guys saw me in my underwear. I guess we’re officially friends now.

So ladies, let me ask you two questions. 1) Have you ever gotten a professional bra fitting? And 2) Do you own a really nice bra (and I’m not talking Vicki’s Secret $50 special)?

If the answer to one or both of those questions is no, it’s about time to treat your ta-tas. My first fitting at Intimacy with the company founder and “bra whisperer” Susan Nethero was a game changer and I recommend it to everyone. Here’s how it goes down:

1. You go into a comfy, private fitting room with your friendly bra fit consultant.
2. She checks out your rack (don’t be shy!) and chats with you about your concerns. Any of these ring a boob bell: More comfort, less back fat, more support, straps falling, straps or underwire digging, weight change affecting bra size, more cleavage, less cleavage, finding T-shirt bras, finding sexy bras in a large size, etc? I thought so.
3. She may show you why your current bra isn’t doing you any favors…


4. Then she goes back out into the brassiere wonderland while you text your boyfriend/husband that you’re trying on sexy underthings (if you have a man and don’t do this, we need to talk), check your Facebook, and/or critique yourself in the mirror (PS, no one notices your crow’s feet but you, so give yourself a break, beautiful).
5. Your new bosom buddy returns with handfuls of gorgeous bras, she’ll put ‘em on you and adjust (and show you how to get the most cleavage), and VOILA! You’ll be in love…and wanting to toss your ODB (ol’ dirty bra) in the trash C-A-N.

Check out the difference. I mean, thanks ODB for making me look pre-puberty flat-chested and just overall not cute.

In addition to the realization that I needed to do a lingerie inventory and toss those non-flattering f*ckers, I gained a lot of bra knowledge (braledge?), such as: You should buy bras so they fit snugly on the first (loosest) hook. They lose elasticity with time, so as that happens, you’ll tighten them to the next hook(s) so they’ll fit better longer. Also: You should be wearing your bra strap LOWER on your back for the most comfort, less back fat, AND more boost. It’s like a see-saw: The lower the strap in the back, the higher your goods up front. Exhibit A (it’s not me, btw):

That poor woman had been going through life with more rolls than a Panera and all she needed was a new bra…

Another FYI: You might be surprised about your size. I was wearing a 36B and they fit me for a 34C, and crazily enough, that actually is my size (despite what ODB is demonstrating above). Most women wear a too-large band size and too-small cup size, so you feel skinny and big-breasted when they fit you for a smaller band and bigger cup (SCORE). And don’t be alarmed if the cup size is much larger than you thought. Intimacy carries up to a K cup (not to be confused with your Keurig), so there is less variation between the sizes for the most perfect, true fit. Just like all women don’t fit into dress sizes 0, 2, 4, and 6, they don’t all fit into A, B, C, or D cups.

Intimacy’s fancy lines–PrimaDonna, Marie Jo (shown below), Empreinte, Simone Perele, etc.–are all European and made using a very intricate process with more pieces than American-made bras and the highest quality fabrics as well as a “double-coating” of the underwire for way serious comfort.

Put one on and you’ll never go back to your Victoria’s Secret numbers (and their underarm fat enhancement). Yes, they may be more expensive, but they’re going to last longer (if you treat them well) and make you feel more confident about your chest region, which for some females, is priceless. Oh, and it’s not all sexy lingerie up in there; you’ll find plenty of pretty T-shirt bras (even lace ones that surprisingly work under tees and tight tanks).

Do I wear all Intimacy bras, you ask? I wish. I need a raise (or a sugar daddy) before that happens. But I do like to treat myself to a fancy-schmancy bra and panty set twice(ish) a year, which will make for a fab collection in the semi-near future.

Intimacy has locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Orange County, Philly, San Diego, Scottsdale, and D.C. and the fitting is complimentary. If you don’t have a location near you, I recommend visiting Atlanta (I’ll buy you a drink, duh), finding a specialist in your area with great reviews, or seeing the lovely ladies at Nordstrom. And I’m not knocking Vicki’s because I know they have some fantastic fitters–I’ve just never loved their bras (sorry, ex-boyfriend who bought me one).

Some of our favourite alternatives:

So grab the twins and take them to get FIT!

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