Perfectly Protected: How To Treat Your Business Like The Gem It Is -

Perfectly Protected: How To Treat Your Business Like The Gem It Is

February 4, 2021

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Your business is your livelihood and your passion. For some, building your business from nothing and turning it into something is a huge deal and is something that you should be very proud of. But could you be doing more to protect it? These days there are threats all over the place, and while you may think security is high, the chances are you are possibly not doing enough to protect your business. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can ensure that you are fully protected.   

When was the last time you carried out a risk assessment?

A rush assessment is something that you conduct in your business that enables you calculate the level of fish. Not just with your employees, but in the place of work, and the technology and things you use. Doing this regularly ensures that you can stay on top of things and that you make sure your business is secure. 

Is your business premises secure?

One of the biggest risks you have is your business premises and the things that are in it. Opportunists and burglars are always going to be looking for their next big hit. This is why it may be worth upgrading any security locks you have in place as well as considering other options for security. This could be cameras or alarm systems, it might even be worth protecting the perimeter of your business premises with tall fences and gates. You may even need to think about security internally as well and thinking about the stock control system you have in place. The more you protect your business from all aspects physically, the better position you will be in. 

Are you protected digitally?

The biggest threat anyone has these days now is from something that can go undetected and unseen. The rush of digital theft has increased tenfold recently, so you may want to check your firewall and security aspects for your business such as regularly changing passwords and the type of access you have. However, as this is a new form of theft, it could be advisable to outsource your IT security to ensure that you better protect yourself in the future. 

Could you do more to prevent employee theft?

When it comes to hiring staff to work for you, there is only so much you might know at the time. These days it is always best to hire someone and have them start after you have received credible references that support the character as well as the attributes of the person. Employees gain access to stock and information that could be valuable, so ensuring you have the right people working for you is essential. Also, if you part company with people then ensure that all access is revoked and that they don't have access to passwords, codes or keys. 

Ensure you shred delicate paperwork

Finally, paperwork can be left around, but this could also have delicate information such as bank details or access to other aspects of your business. Ensure that you make it a habit to regularly shred delicate paperwork to protect you and your business. 

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