This Is How To Create A Killer Office Garden -

This Is How To Create A Killer Office Garden

November 16, 2021

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Creating a wonderful relaxation space for your employees at the office is an important part of running a business. You should always invest as much into your relaxation space at work as you do in your desks and boardrooms, and any outdoor space should be utilized. 

Today we want to talk about your outdoor space at work whether it be an area near your car park or a roof terrace, and how you can transform this into a lovely little garden for your workers to enjoy. 

Here are some of the things you should do to create a lovely office garden at work this year. 

Make A Sheltered Seating Area 

The first thing you can do is grab yourself some polycarbonate sheets to create an outdoor roof, as well as an outdoor heater and some benches. Although it is nice for your employees to be able to spend time in the fresh air and sunshine, some days might be rainy so this provides a good alternative. Set up your benches under the roof, provide an outdoor heater for the winter, and this will become a favorite cozy spot for your team. 

Add Some Scented Plants 

When creating a wonderful garden for your employees it is important to remember the main benefit of a garden in the first place. The whole idea of having a garden for your employees to enjoy goes back to ensure they have somewhere to relax, reset, and stimulate their brains after sitting in front of a desk. In terms of stimulation, there is no better way to achieve this than with a myriad of scented flowers. Plants such as lilies, mock orange, and wisteria can provide a wonderful floral aroma that will make people feel more relaxed and happy. 

Create A Mini Allotment 

One fun activity to try throughout the year to encourage some sustainability in the workplace, as well as healthy habits, is to have a mini allotment. Each member of the team can plant a vegetable or fruit of their choosing and look after it throughout the year, harvesting when it bears fruits. You can even simply plant seasonal veg and fruit throughout the year and hand it out to those who want it. It can be a great way to make your garden practical. It will be a good exercise for people on their breaks to help them take their minds of working. 

Use Waterproof Cushions 

When setting up the seating of your office garden it is all too easy to go for simple plastic seats that will fry quickly after rain and will be waterproof. However, these aren’t often very comfortable which is why adding an extra touch is a great idea. Consider adding some waterproof cushions in your brand colors to the seats to add some life as well as comfort to the space. 

Get Plenty Of Seating 

And, of course, the last element for the perfect work garden is plenty of seating to make sure everyone can enjoy the space. There is nothing worse than making a wonderful relaxation space with no room for anyone to sit and enjoy it!

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