How To Make It As A Successful Lawyer -

How To Make It As A Successful Lawyer

August 2, 2021

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Lawyers are generally seen as some of the most successful people around. Indeed, a career in law is highly coveted as it can be incredibly well paid and set you up for a flourishing life. As with all careers, there are ways to succeed in this field, and there are ways to not succeed.

If you are interested in becoming a successful lawyer, here are some tips to help you make it to the big leagues:

Get your degree

Lawyers need to have the correct educational qualifications to find work. This starts with a Bachelor's degree in law, but there are also other degrees you can get on top of this – including a Master of Law and a Juris Doctor. In general, you can't be overly qualified as a lawyer. The more education you have, the more knowledgeable you will be, and the more certificates you can show off to gain a client's trust. 

Work For Free

Most lawyers will go through a period of working pro bono to gain some valuable experience. Here, you can take on cases for free, meaning you tend to work with people that can't afford the standard legal fees.

As such, you gain courtroom experience, learn how to manage a case, and present arguments without the added pressure of someone paying you to help them. Even if you lose cases – which you will do as a lawyer at some point – it's not a huge deal as you were doing it for free. 

Also, this helps to boost your reputation as a lawyer and can assist in networking. You'll fight for your clients in court, meaning you could encounter other lawyers that work at big firms and might be able to recommend you. 

Get Representation

As a lawyer, you will need to manage your reputation and find regular clients all the time. A good way to do both of these things is by getting some professional representation via an agency. Places like are specifically set up to represent talented lawyers and manage your public image while securing bookings for you.

Working with agencies like this can help you succeed as you gain new opportunities that your representatives have found for you. 

Work Your Way Up

Be prepared to work your way up the legal ladder – it's rare to finish law school and instantly get the job of your dreams. Alongside the pro bono stuff, you might look to get a job as an associate at a law firm. Put your head down and do the work to get promoted through the ranks. Who knows, you could eventually be made a partner of the firm!

The underlying benefit of working your way up is that you gain experience and a reputation. Now, you have the possibility to break away from the firm and go freelance or to start a firm of your own. At this point, you have contacts in the legal field to help you, along with clients and recommendations. So, if you feel like you could achieve more by going at it alone, go for it!

Making it as a successful lawyer will be tough, and everything here will happen over the course of many years. However, it is a rewarding career – both emotionally and financially – making it worth all the effort. 

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