How To Look Chic In Loungewear (And Around The House) -

How To Look Chic In Loungewear

April 16, 2020

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Living in loungewear right now? Here’s how to opt for casual, comfortable clothes yet still look chic around the house.

Loungewear isn’t exactly the height of sophisticated style. Yet, that doesn’t mean it deserves a run-down reputation. And when you’re stuck inside with nowhere glamorous to go, you have no choice but to look chic in loungewear.

Call them casuals, see them as sweats – whatever your choice of wording, loungewear is the ultimate category of clothing to keep you comfortable at home.

Yet if you’re tired of looking laidback, here’s what you can do to feel cute around the house.

Can You Look Chic In Loungewear?

Now, you may be wondering if you can look chic in loungewear – and you’re not the only one. When you’re used to dressing up and donning dresses or chic attire, comfortable sets can seem like a huge contrast.

Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll look too casual? Or feel shabby? Well, the truth is, you won’t – not when you follow these five simple steps.           

Choose Wisely

Every outfit should serve a purpose. Whether it’s to fit your figure or make you feel fantastic, it has to have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it a must have. And there’s no exception when it comes to loungewear.

So choose wisely.

Opt for styles that fit well and flatter your shape. Try to find options made from the best possible quality fabrics and materials – they’ll feel sumptuous on the skin. And when you combine the two, you can never feel too casual.

Focus On Beauty

You’ll always feel your best when you’re all glammed up. And just because you’re wearing sweats, it doesn’t mean your face has to follow suit.

One of the most basic options to help you look chic in loungewear is to have your hair and makeup done. Even a simple everyday makeup look and a relaxed updo can help. But if you want to go all out, a full face and soft curls will always work a charm.

Shake Up The Styles

If you eat the same thing time and time again, you’re easily going to tire of it. It’s the same with style. So shake up your options. You’re never going to look chic in loungewear if you don’t feel it.

Confidence is everything. So, change up the style of clothing you’re wearing. Maybe you style up a fitted leggings and jumper set one day and switch to a baggy jumper dress the next? You could even opt for a long breeze maxi dress for something almost dressy or workout wear for when you want ultimate comfort.

Prioritise Pampering

Following on with the idea of feeling chic, it’s important to find a dual confidence and beauty boost. And pampering does exactly that.

Relaxing in an indulgent bath, performing a pampering facial, or waking up with a glow (ideally all three) can work wonders for your mood. Pampering always makes you feel good – whether you’re wearing loungewear or couture gown.

Begin With A Good Base

And, always remember, every good outfit begins with a beautiful base. Your choice in underwear always matters. It can be the difference between a successful outfit or a fashion faux pas.

With well-fitting underwear, your loungewear will feel fantastic. Better yet, pick out your favourite lingerie set and still feel sexy even in sweats!

Are you living in loungewear right now? How do you like to look cute? Share your tips for staying chic around the house with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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