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Easy Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Exercise

November 16, 2021

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You can help your children maintain a healthy weight and avoid diseases like cancer later in life by encouraging them to exercise every day.

To keep healthy, children, like adults, must engage in physical activity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just 50% of boys and less than 34% of girls aged 12 to 15 are physically fit. Unfit children are also more likely to develop cardiovascular and chronic ailments, as well as psychological problems.

Furthermore, studies suggest that 80 percent of overweight toddlers grow up to be fat adults. “Obesity puts a person at risk for a variety of malignancies, including colon, breast, and endometrial cancers,” says the study. Kids spend far too much time in front of televisions, computers, phones, and other electronic devices.

Fortunately, you can contribute to reversing the trend. You can assist your children to maintain a healthy weight and lead a healthy lifestyle that will help them avoid diseases like cancer later in life by encouraging them to exercise every day.

Children under the age of six should engage in natural physical activity such as running, leaping, and skipping daily. Kids ages 6 to 17 should exercise for at least an hour five days a week at a high enough intensity to boost their heart rate.

Let's have a look at five suggestions that might be useful:

Be A Role Model 

Your children observe and imitate your behaviors, both good and bad. Your children will be more inclined to be active and stay active throughout their lives if they witness you being physically active and having fun.

Show Them How You Get From A To B With Exercise

Take your children to school on foot, ride your bike to see friends, or roller skate to the park. You can also park at the far end of a parking lot and walk instead of taking the elevator.

Include The Entire Family

Inviting everyone to take part in activities is a good idea. “It's one of the most effective methods to get your child to improve his or her fitness habits,” Harrison adds. You can coach a soccer team and encourage your children to play, enroll your family in a martial arts class, join an outdoor adventure, swim, or jogging club, or bring a ball or flying disc to the park or beach.

Concentrate On Having A Good Time

Kids enjoy having fun, so if they're doing something they enjoy, they're more likely to stay exercising. Turn on some music and throw a dance party, or walk as much as you can while visiting the zoo, park, or miniature-golf course. Whether it’s encouraging them to use their favorite playground equipment or making sure the activities stay enjoyable, make sure you keep it light-hearted. 

Limit Your Time In Front Of The Television And On The Computer

Encourage children to get active by enrolling in a local leisure center or after-school program, or by taking lessons in a sport they enjoy. When your family is watching TV together, keep everyone moving by doing jumping jacks, hula hooping, or even jumping rope during commercial breaks.

This guide should help you to get started with teaching your children about exercise. Do you have any other helpful tips? Please share a few in the comments below. 

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