Summer’s Coming: Here’s How To Keep Your Home Cool -

Summer’s Coming: Here’s How To Keep Your Home Cool

March 6, 2021

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Dying to kick the heat out as soon as the weather warms up? Here’s how to keep your home cool this summer.

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Summer is certainly on its way. It’s never really a surprise anymore for us to enjoy balmy spring evenings. But when things start to heat up it can cause chaos around the house. If you’re done with the springtime sweats, you’ll want to really work to keep your home cool.

Saying goodbye to frosty mornings and snow-sprinkled days is always a bonus. But it’s never all that welcomed when your home goes from icebox to sauna overnight.

Sure, you can seek solace outside and in the shade, but isn’t it the dream for your home to become a glorious retreat on a hot summer's day. Here’s how to make that happen.

Keep Them Closed

It sounds simple, but you’ve got to start off by keeping things closed. If you’re opening your curtains or blinds first thing in the morning, you’re only ever welcoming the heat in. This is especially prevalent if you have skylights, and when the sun is directly above your home. You can invest in some roof blinds by Caribbean Blinds to help combat heat entering the premises.

Opting to keep the closed all day can make such a difference to the temperature around the house. You’ll fight off that greenhouse effect pretty easily when you do.

And to complement that, keep your doors closed too. Shutting off a range of rooms, like your bedroom, will keep them cool ahead of the evening.

Invest In The Dream

Is there anything better than a fan when the weather’s too warm? Well, maybe! If you’re working from home again this year, you’d do anything to keep cool and stay focused, right? Or just to get a decent night's sleep!

Sometimes, that ancient little fan of yours just can’t cut it. As it’s pushing heat from corner to corner, you’ll only ever wish you had something better. So maybe now’s the time to invest in the dream.

And, of course, the dream really is an air conditioning unit! It might seem complicated at first, but if you’re really unsure and it breaks, there’s always 24 hour air conditioning repair services available.

Just be aware that your bills could change a tad. But when you’re working with ease and sleeping like a baby, it will be oh so worth it.

Stock Up

When the world is heating up, you’ve got to do what you can to keep your cool. And what could be a better way to do it than with frozen treats and cold drinks?

Stock up on your fridge and freezer with your favourite things to keep you cool. Of course, water is so essential in a heatwave. But it’s fun to have something fizzy or fruit or even an ice cream or two too!

Get Window Smart

Windows can be a huge problem. But it’s not always going to be ideal to keep the curtains or blinds closed all day long.

If you want to let in a little light but keep the heat at bay, turning to a tint could be exactly what you need.

And the best part? Tinted windows can also help to keep the heat in during the winter, making it an absolutely worthwhile investment for your home.

Turn Them Off

And when it comes to what not to do during the warmer months, you definitely have to stay away from your electrical favourites.

Turn the oven off and opt for cooler cooking methods. Let your hair dry naturally. Do what you can to not add extra heat to the house with your hot electrical appliances.

This will work wonders for keeping the rooms around your home cooler during the day and what more could you want?

How do you keep cool during the warmer months? Share your tips to keeping the heat out of your home with the SOCIÉTÉ community in the comments below.

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