How to Make Your Home Sustainable -

How to Make Your Home Sustainable

August 31, 2021

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To turn the tide on climate change, we need to rethink our idea of the economy. Nowadays, everything is focused on a zero-carbon world – when the carbon produced is offset by the carbon captured or reduced. This would mean we have zero impact on the planet. To play your part, use the tips below to improve the performance of your household

Insulate Your Home

Making your home sustainable is beneficial in two ways, it supports the planet by reducing carbon in the atmosphere, and it reduces the costs of running your home. One of the best ways to do this is to insulate your home, including the walls, floors, and roof.  

There are several ways you can do this, depending on your budget. Spray foam insulation is effective but not the most environmentally friendly material, on the other hand, cellulose insulation or cotton is eco-friendly, and it works. Another option is to fit new eco-efficient replacement windows into your home if your older ones are a bit worn out. They'll help to keep the heat in even better, and have tighter seals to prevent draughts. Hang heavy curtains if you’re on a budget.  

Use Green Energy 

Green energy means renewable energy, which comes from solar, wind, and tidal technology, usually generated by your energy supply company. You can contact your supplier to see what percentage of your energy comes from renewable sources. 

That’s not all you can do; if you install solar panels on the roof of your home, you can generate your own energy for free. What’s more, if you have any surplus energy left over, you can sell it back to the grid and earn some money. 

Use Eco Appliances

Eco appliances are household appliances with an energy star rating; this means the appliance conforms to certain government standards regarding energy efficiency. These appliances might draw less power from the grid or reduce your consumption with an innovative design. 

Using eco appliances in your home can reduce the carbon output of your home and contribute to zero-carbon efforts. However, it’s worth remembering that eco appliances will only be effective if they are used correctly – always follow the guidelines on the product for best results.  

Use Eco Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are easy to buy in the supermarket, and some of them are very effective. The problem is they often use chemicals that are harmful to the water supply and local wildlife. If you want to protect the beauty and health of your neighborhood, choose eco products. 

Eco cleaning products don’t harm the environment at all, and they contribute to the well-being of the local area by not using any toxic chemicals, not testing on animals, and using biodegradable materials for their design. So when you find your brand, it’s easy to keep buying it.  

Recycle + Reuse

The circular economy is an economy of reuse. Reusing materials with commercial builders reduces consumer demand for products and reduces production. When the production of goods diminishes, less carbon goes into the atmosphere, contributing to a zero-carbon society. 

Before you spend your money on new goods and services, ask yourself if you really need to spend the money, chances it’s a luxury you can do without, and you can save the money instead. There are also lots of new ways to reuse and upcycle, especially with technology.

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