Gifts for PhD Students: The Complete Guide (Gifts They'll Love!) -

Gifts for PhD Students: The Complete Guide (Gifts They’ll Love!)

May 11, 2021

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Looking for graduation gifts or birthday tech gifts for PhD students? This article is for you! As a PhD student myself, here are 10 gifts I'd love to receive (or have received and enjoyed!).

This article is a complete guide to tech gifts for PhD students for birthdays, graduation, and anything in between!

Gifts for PhD Students

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Read on for my best recommendations for tech gifts for PhD students.

1. Gifts for PhD students finishing up their dissertation: a printer

With more and more people continuing to work from home, having a printer is massively useful. Here's one similar to what I have:

2. Present for a clean-freak student: robot hoover

While I don't have one, I would LOVE a robot hoover. They're a bit on the expensive side, so it'd be a great gift if you want to splurge on your PhD student.

3. Present for a student who needs more sleep: Lumie

I've talked about my Lumie before and how much it helps me and my partner sleep. It's an alarm clock that simulates sunrises and sunsets (which is particularly useful in the winter in the UK!).

4. Present for a caffeine-addicted student: Coffee machine

I know I'm not the only coffee-addicted PhD student out there! And, I LOVE having fancy coffees. Especially for PhD students who work from home a lot, a nice coffee machine for their kitchen is a lovely gift.

5. Gifts for PhD students who have everything: an Apple watch

I've been thinking about getting a smart watch for quite some time now myself and I think many PhD students would appreciate getting one as a gift.

6. Gifts for PhD students having trouble focusing: noise-cancelling headphones

If you've read my blog for a while, you know I am OBSESSED with noise cancelling headphones and think they're a fab gift. In fact, I've done a whole article about my favourite noise cancelling headphones.

7. Gift for when you want to go all-out: laptop

If you want to go all-out and really splurge on the PhD student in your life, a laptop makes a great gift. A Macbook Pro would be a particularly good gift for a graduating PhD student.

8. Presents for students still working from home: laptop riser

I received one of these from my department and it's super useful for working from home. Plus, it can turn a normal desk into a standing desk (good for people like me who are getting basically NO steps in these days).

9. Gift for just about any PhD student: a portable charger

As things start to open up more, portable chargers are becoming increasingly necessary!

10. Gift for a clumsy PhD student: laptop case

It's shocking to me that so many people carry their laptops around without a case! There are loads of cute ones out there that any PhD student would appreciate getting as a gift. Here's one I like:

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