Careers In The Sky That You Really Should Consider -

Careers In The Sky That You Really Should Consider

October 8, 2021

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Down Angle Photography of Red Clouds and Blue Sky

When you think about careers in the sky, you most likely think about careers as flight attendants or pilots, but you’d be mistaken if you thought that those were your only options.

If you’re the adventurous type where a stable career on good old terra firma just isn’t for you, then you could think about these careers that will take your personal and professional development to brand new heights.

Fancy A Job With A View?

Gleaming towers of steel glass and chrome define our workspaces yet, but indeed our lived in areas and spaces. They’re the gleaming towers that remain a testament to the insatiable quest for man to leave his mark on this world. City skylines in and of themselves are tourist attractions, and high flying executives and aspirational corner office chasers will pay a pretty penny for an apartment or office in one of these monoliths to man’s endeavors. 

Now, that sounds lovely and all, but did you stop for one second to think about how those mammoth building’s windows get cleaned? You can find fascinating stories about a range of highrise skyscrapers here, and it’s well worth the read. These are the brave men and women whose job it is also to check windows for cracks, scratches, and chips as this is not a problem you want at a couple of hundred feet, so they’ll be looking for a decent Glass Scratch Removal company, you know, just in case.

They earn a median salary in the United States of around $53,000 a year. Or, just become a flight attendant.

Tower Crane Operators

If cleaning windows doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then you could always try your hand at being a tower crane operator; after all, those windows had to get there somehow, I suppose. But while it may seem as if it’s a smidge safer because you are operating from a “cabin”, giving you a greater sense of security – it only feels that way. You are still very much subject to solid winds, equipment failure, and the pressure of having to hoist a two-ton metal bar into place with centimeters worth of precision is the kind of pressure not many people could handle.  And as buildings are growing taller and more sophisticated, so is this job.

At one point, crane operators were earning around $100,000 a year in New York City as, shock; there weren’t many takers.

But, if you think this is an option for you – have a read at this article.

We take so many things for granted in our modern, fast-paced lives that we forget that for us to live as efficiently and smartly as we do, a veritable army of people is required to keep those “cogs turning”.

But, if none of those jobs offers you the kind of adrenaline kick that you need to give you the satisfaction of an honest day’s work, consider this job instead.  China has a “bendy” glass bridge recently opened in Zhejiang Province, and they need cleaners and maintenance specialists.

Or, just stay where you are and work a little harder where you’re at, confidence goes a long way, and you have the added bonus of, well – not dying on the job.

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