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Careers For The Passionate

December 22, 2022

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People talk about “following your instincts” or “following the money,” but when it comes to your career, following your passion is what really counts. You want to make everything you do feel like play, even if you’re getting paid for it. 

Adults like telling children to “work hard” but that’s a bore. It turns life into one long grind with little to show at the end of it. Better advice would be to “work joyfully.” Doing something and being happy about it is far superior. 

Therefore, this post explores some careers for the passionate. Here, we run through jobs you’re bound to love, even if you’re the sort of person who hates getting out of bed on a Monday morning. 

Personal Trainer

Personal training is one of the best jobs out there in terms of satisfaction. And, if you get good at it, you can get paid a lot, too. 

Personal training gives you everything: close human connections, the satisfaction of helping people, fitness and exercise, and the ability to schedule your timetable how you please. It’s the perfect job, in many respects. 

Plus, it’s something that you can work on for years and never master. As a trainer, you’re always striving to improve your technique and get to where you want to be. 


Zoologists are another group of people who don’t compromise. They know they love animals, and they don’t care what other people say. Even if they take a low-paid role in a university or conservation charity, they don’t mind. They’re doing something they love. 

Zoologists spend all their time studying animals. They’re obsessed with the natural world and want to protect it for posterity. Their mission is to better understand it so they can anticipate and prevent disaster in the future. 

Beauty Therapist

Other people have a passion for helping customers obtain their aesthetic goals. They want to make their clients as beautiful as possible with no compromises. 

Today’s beauty therapists are holistic. It’s not just about eye-lash curling and cuticle bathing: lifestyle advice also plays a significant role. 

Beauty therapists benefit from various lifestyle perks, too. Most can choose their hours, particularly if they work independently. And they are always learning since so many beauty techniques come to the market every year. 


A gardener might sound like a strange addition to this list, but not if you love working outdoors with plants. Gardening is a joyful activity, something many people do for fun. 

Gardeners get to do it for a living and get paid for it at the same time. It shouldn’t be allowed!

To become a great gardener, you’ll need to collect all the tools you need and put them in the back of a van. You’ll also want to surprise your customers from time to time with showpieces revealing just how much work you’ve done for customers in their gardens. 


Becoming a paramedic requires nerves of steel. But it can be a great career for those who are cut out for it. 

Paramedics are the first people on the scene of a medical emergency. They administer healthcare before the ambulance arrives, often keeping patients alive long enough to receive oxygen. 

Paramedics are passionate about their careers because they are rewarding. These healthcare professionals save lives and care for injuries every day, forming a vital part of the community. 

Tattoo Artist

People who love drawing at school often become tattoo artists. Because of the demand for tattoos, it’s one of the few artistic professions where you can make money. 

To start this career, you’ll need to get tattoo training at an accredited school. Lessons teach you the basics about needles, ink and safety. 

Once you’re qualified, you’ll work for a tattoo parlour for a few years. Here you’ll cut your teeth, so to speak, learning everything you need to know about the process. 

Highly skilled tattoo artists can then set up their own shops. Becoming well-known in your local area can lead to exceptionally high pay and plenty of tips and bonuses. 


Baking is another career you might want to consider if you love cake-making, cooking, or pastries. Setting up a bakery is relatively simple and once you get going, you can form your own brand with a unique selling point

Bakers need to get up early in the morning to prepare the food. Don’t be surprised if you have to start at 4 AM to get everything done by opening. Always prepare items the night before, ready for baking so it’s easy to get everything done. 

Jewellery Designer

Jewellery designers also have artistic careers. They require immense skill to shape precious metals and set stones in just the right places. 

Today, jewellery designers are popping up all over the place. These days, there are websites that collect all their designs together and make them easy to browse and buy. 

To be a successful jewellery designer, you’ll need to commit completely to what you do. Making braces, necklaces and rings should feel fun to you. It shouldn't be a bore. 

Once you start selling is when the real thrill begins. The amount of money you can make can be tremendous if you’re good at what you do. 


Writing is another career for passionate people. It lets you explore topics you would never consider otherwise. And every day, you get to craft beautiful prose that communicates with your audience effectively. 

When writing, you can be just as creative as when sculpting or painting. The range of ideas you can introduce your readers to is limitless. 

Care Worker

Lastly, if you have a passion for looking after older adults and people living with disabilities, you might want to consider becoming a care worker. While pay isn’t the best, these professionals provide direct support to the community. It’s a vital role and one that people depend on. You’ll assist with things like shopping, personal care, and hygiene. You’ll also deal with medications and just provide company to clients who need it. The role is all about helping others.

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