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Dying To Boost Productivity In The Office? Try This

October 10, 2021

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Where you work is just as important as what you are working on. Studies on office productivity show that the physical environment remains the most significant factor defining an employee’s ability to focus.

Productivity does not come easily. The average worker is only genuinely productive for only 3 hours of their workday. Here are five office changes that can better your staff’s focus, achieve more, and provide more savings for your small business.


Lightning is a key component in creating a comfy, healthy, and productive office environment. Too bright lights may result in fatigue, headaches, and eye strain. Dark spaces can be depressing.

Natural lighting is the best for optimum office productivity. If you lack windows, pick bulbs that mimic the natural light spectrum. You can set the tone for your office environment by choosing energy-efficient lighting, saving you money in the long term.


Quiet environments are essential for productive meetings, interactions, and work focus. Yet research shows that the average worker wastes 86 minutes daily due to sound distractions and interruptions every 11 minutes. You can reduce noise distractions by incorporating acoustic walls for your meeting room.

Additionally, you can consider setting aside a quiet space in your office design. The room may provide a calm environment for staff who want to separate from the usual office bustling to boost concentration.

Air Quality

Bad air quality can drastically reduce your employee’s ability to focus and think clearly. Worse, it can be dangerous to their overall health. OSHA estimates that poor air quality in offices costs businesses $15 billion in worker inefficiencies and sick leaves annually.

Install qualitative ventilation systems in your office space. Let windows remain open whenever possible to let in the fresh air. You may also implement changes in the office plan, reducing crammed workstations. Don’t forget to add some plants to the office space.


Messy and untidy worktops can decrease office productivity and increase the safety risk for your staff. While you cannot control the clutter on all workstations, ensure that your personal space is tidy and organized.

You can hire professional cleaning services to keep the offices clean. Providing personalized storage solutions for your staff can ensure that all items are filed and organized. You can reduce the distractions attributed to clutter.


Workers with uncomfortable office furniture are three times more likely to consider the space less productive. The staff is also twice more likely to consider the office environment as depressing. For your employee’s well-being, you may need to go beyond ergonomic seats and office desks. Find furniture that fits the employee’s daily activities.

Moreover, you may need to invest in a variety of office furniture to keep your workers comfortable, depending on their preferences. For example, you can fill your break room with a mixture of sofas, bean bags, and armchairs.

Productivity plays a critical role in the success or failure of any business. Simple office upgrades can help increase your productivity by 20% or more. The five tips above are a great place to start. You can consult your employees to learn additional measures that you can take to make the office space more comfortable and conducive for work.

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