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6 Simple Ways to Find Medical Jobs

June 7, 2021

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Are you stuck looking for a new medical job? Have you run out of places to look? Don’t despair; this handy list of ways to find medical jobs is here to help!

1. General Job Sites

You can find various medical jobs on general job sites like Monster, Reed, or Indeed. Keep your CV up-to-date and regularly search for new opportunities. It can seem dull for a while, especially when there have been no new positions posted in a while, but persevere. As soon as there is a new opportunity, you’ll want to be the first to get your application in. 

2. Medical Recruitment Agencies

Using a recruitment agency might seem like it’s just for IT and computer types, but there are plenty of medical recruitment agencies out there, like Cornerstone Medical Recruitment. Recruitment agencies are full of friendly professionals with the best job leads around, so you’re sure to find something to suit you soon. 

3. Local Hospitals, Hospices or Clinics

It can’t hurt to ask at your local clinics or hospitals for job openings, as they are almost always looking for new staff. It’s another thing that can turn up the same answers all the time, but checking frequently is a must.

You want to be the first to spot the new position, and if you’re there in person or making a phone call, you can ask to introduce yourself to the relevant person straight away. You never know; you might get hired on the spot. 

4. Newspapers

The good old-fashioned way of finding a job still exists, even if it’s slightly different today. Some newspapers keep everything behind a paywall, but there are plenty that don’t. Bookmark as many newspaper job sites as you can, and check them twice a day, even on Sundays. 

Print newspapers still exist, but everything in them is accessible more quickly, and often for free, online, so don’t worry about picking up print copies of newspapers. Unless you have a local paper or something that’s available on public transport, with no online presence, avoid buying print papers. Just search their websites instead.

5. Medical Journals or Blogs

If you read medical blogs or journals, these can be a great place to find jobs, especially industry journals. Journals almost always have a vacancies section offering plenty of relevant jobs. However, journals can be expensive to purchase and are not the best idea for many jobseekers.

You may be able to access some journals through local libraries or university libraries. If you have any medical personnel in your social circle, ask if you can flip through their journals, or ask them if they can scan in the vacancies page and email it to you.

6. Nursing Societies

If you belong to a nursing society, they will probably have a jobs board you should keep an eye on. You can also ask your nursing society for help with recruitment, although not every organisation will be able to offer this service.

Good luck finding your next job, and don’t forget to bookmark this handy list of ways to find medical jobs so you’ll never be short of ideas of where to search next.

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