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4 Things To Do When Moving To An Office

August 12, 2021

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Running a home-based business is a money and time-saving initiative. It's gratifying as you can comfortably grow your business and have the freedom to spend quality time with family. You don't spend money on rent, commuting, and other expenses that come with a standard office space.

However, a time comes when you feel you need to move the business from the home office to an independent space. Probably, the company can now sustain the added expenses, need more privacy, or you're looking forward to conquering a specific market. When contemplating the move, here are things to do;

Look for an Ideal Space

Planning to take the business from home to a separate space is an exciting moment. You'll broaden your vision and expand your business. Do not limit yourself to only commercial spaces for lease. You can look at other places that may be more affordable but have the potential to work well with your business. 

Assess the location and your specific requirements, such as electrical supply, parking space, privacy, security, and even noise level. Express Fitouts commercial fitout can help you design a suitable office space once you settle on the location. 

Consider the Costs Involved

Moving a home-based business to a separate space will come with obvious cost implications. Ensure that you have a financial plan to cover the expenses and consider any initial capital required for fitting out or refurbishment. Set some money aside for recurrent bills such as rent, maintenance, energy, and water bills. 

Additionally, think about the insurance that you need to have for your business. The right insurance policy will protect your business from risks like fire, theft, and natural disasters. 

Consider Your Customer's Convenience

If you're currently serving walk-in clients, you need to consider their convenience even as you aim to attract more customers. Remember to choose an appropriate location they'll find easy to access.

Also, think of offering delivery services for clients who find the move inconvenient. Also, notify your clients in advance. You might also need to inform the local and state government of a change of address. In some cases, where you use location-specific business names, you might have to change the business's name.

Consider Your Convenience

Changing the business location can disrupt your schedule, but it's manageable with a good plan and a suitable place. Be specific on how much time you will dedicate to managing the business, as you will have to get used to a new schedule. 

If you are not 100 percent happy with a concept, take more time to think about the move. Go for what works best for you first, then the business. You might need to hire more employees and create a flexible schedule.

To have a flexible schedule, invest in technology. You'll not only build a safer business but also create a more efficient one. As you will realize, a move requires adequate planning. To make the transition easy, review your business needs and tackle one thing at a time. Always have an emergency plan if you encounter some unexpected challenges when moving into a new office space.

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