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4 Essential Features Every Office Needs

September 22, 2022

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Part of creating a positive and collaborative work environment centres around your office. If the office does not possess a range of fundamental features, your team will struggle to work efficiently and enjoy their time at the office. Whether you have recently welcomed everyone back to the workplace or are searching for a new office in preparation, here are four essential features every office needs. 

A Kitchen

Kitchens have become more desirable in offices, especially considering how many need to commute from far away and may not have time to make breakfast before leaving, and a kitchen can also benefit them at lunchtime.

At the very least, office kitchens give your team somewhere to make tea and coffee and keep their lunch fresh until it is ready to eat. If you want to take things further, fully working ovens and stoves could also benefit them, especially on team-building evenings if you want to serve frozen pizzas.  

Dependable Connections 

Many offices struggle with bad wifi. This happens most often after increasing the number of employees as the bandwidth cannot handle the extra connections. This can affect productivity as the network is throttled, which can cause issues if you are on video calls or working on high-demand projects. 

As a manager, you should never scrimp on wifi in the modern world, and you can also use a network extender to increase the range and make it easier for employees to work efficiently anywhere in the office. 

Space to Get Away 

Once upon a time, everyone was expected to sit in their cubicle and work until it was time to clock off. Nowadays, this is a little different, and employees need space to get away, take a break, and recharge their batteries. This could be after a stressful call or meeting, or simply a chance to stretch their legs to help them stay focused. 

Finding offices with outdoor spaces can be hugely beneficial, and installing green spaces in your office, such as on the roof or balcony, can make any office space more enjoyable and contribute to better health for your employees.

Health And Safety Protocols 

Health and safety is often derided as a bunch of unnecessary policies that get in the way of actual work, but these protocols are there for a reason. The safety of your employees and clients is paramount, so offices with easily accessible exit routes are crucial in case of an emergency. 

When choosing your office, you can also research possible dry riser installation to help in the event of a fire. Furthermore, open spaces and sufficient ventilation can also benefit your team during winter when illnesses like the flu go around. If everyone is too close, the chance of sickness spreading could derail your office momentum. 

Office Life 

Even if you still use the occasional office attendance approach and allow employees to work remotely when possible, these features will make their time at the office more enjoyable and could encourage them to come to work more often. From food and drink to safety and peace of mind, these features are vital for any business that wants to take the next step. 

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