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3 Tips to Get The Most Out of A Small Office Space

October 5, 2022

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Whether you work from home or alongside coworkers and employees, you might want to plan an office refurbishment to help you get the most out of your space. However, while this is easy in larger offices, it’s not always possible when operating from a smaller space. It feels like you’ve done all you can with the space available, and any changes or additions would make things feel even tighter. An uncomfortably small office can severely harm productivity and can make your workplace seem unprofessional, so here are three tips to get the most out of a small office space. 

Keep On Top Of Your Cleaning Schedule 

Clutter is one of the biggest reasons an office feels smaller than it is. If you don’t tidy up after yourself, you’ll come to work every day feeling like the space has gotten smaller, which can make you feel like you don’t have space to breathe. 

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep your desk and floor neat. Likewise, you should also pay attention to other areas. If you have a kitchen or break room, keep these clean, too. 

Everyone should do their part to maintain order in the office. Otherwise, it will negatively impact the team and hinder productivity and your company’s reputation when welcoming clients. 

Reduce Days In

If you have multiple employees battling for space, one solution is to reduce the number of days everyone has in. you can split the office into sets, with Team A coming in one week and Team B coming in the week after. 

Allowing employees to work from home could improve efficiency and boost their well-being. Likewise, fewer people in the office mean fewer distractions and it can be easier to operate without people getting in each other’s way.

This also means you can remove office furniture, either by donating it or allowing employees to take it home with them to set up a home office. Donating the furniture you no longer need will free up more space, giving you a more comfortable office and can also seem like a gesture of goodwill for employees happy to make adjustments to benefit the company. 

Work With Office Planners 

If you’re struggling to work out how to rearrange your office to maximise the space, office planners like Solutions 4 Office can offer significant assistance. 

Seeking expert advice and opinions, as well as office furniture specially designed for making the most of smaller spaces will directly improve the office atmosphere and still allows you and your employees to work as needed 

Many managers who attempt to rearrange the office alone end up forgetting important factors, including the direction of the sun and access to cabinets or other parts of the office. The entire process can also eat into the workday, causing project delays that may affect your work with future clients. 

Security is also important with any office space, big or small. So, if you are in a new office space, making it secure is essential, which is why companies like Door Controls Direct provide secure locks and door codes for the safeguarding of everyone within the business. Speak with office planners on which secure additions should be used.

Small Space 

Just because you work in a small space doesn’t mean you need to feel cramped and claustrophobic. These tips can help you make the most of any space so you and your team can maximise comfortable productivity and reach your business goals. 

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